Art Angels and Community Outreach

Community Outreach

The Art Angels program began in 1999 in response to declining availability of art programs in the Washoe County public schools.  Jean Braden and Alice Williams designed this program to provide a fun, creative, hands-on art experience at no cost to the children, teachers or schools.  In 2005, they received the Jefferson Award for Outstanding Community Service  

We are extremely proud of this popular and rapidly expanding program as it continues today with SWS member instructors and helpers, and all art materials supplied by SWS.

How Funds are Raised

Several thousand dollars per year are needed to support the Art Angels Program.   The principle means of raising funds has been member donations and dues and the Art Auction held at the SWS Juried Art Exhibit during the Reno Balloon Races in September.

As of 2010, we now receive grants from the City of Reno, BETA (Better Education Through Art), and the Nevada Arts Council to expand and further develop our community service program.

Call Nancy Podewils-Baba, Art Angels/Community Outreach Coordinator at 775-343-8100, if you have questions or wish to volunteer.

Art Angels Student Paintings

Fun, education, and art! You can see why this program is so popular by looking at these paintings by Art Angels participants.

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