Standing Rules

The following rules of procedures and practices are meant to facilitate orderly business of the organization.  In order to comply with the specific provisions of the Society, the Board may from time to time establish Standing Rules.  Standing Rules may be amended or rescinded by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


I.                  MEETINGS

1.       Meetings shall be held every other month, on the second Saturday of the month. In case of unusual circumstances, the Board may elect to change the meeting date.

2.       Video Library Policy

a)      All borrowed videos must be returned to the next general meeting by the borrower.  Or, video may be mailed to the video librarian before the date of the next general meeting. 

b)      Failure to return a video, DVD, CD, to the library will suspend the person’s borrowing privilege until the library material is returned. 

c)       A call or postcard may be sent to the borrower as a “reminder,” but will only be done once.

II.                EXHIBITS

1.       Exhibit Chair and Committee

a)      An Exhibit Chair will be chosen from the membership.  The Exhibit Chair may appoint a committee of volunteers to assist with the exhibit arrangements and collection of exhibition fees.

b)      Guidelines for an exhibit may impose stricter limitations on the exhibit entries, but may not override the current Standing Rules for Exhibits.

c)       The exhibit guidelines and the entry form will be provided to the membership by the Exhibit Chair at least 30 days in advance of the entry day by inclusion in the SWS newsletter and on the website.

2.       SWS Membership Requirement

a)      Membership in the Sierra Watercolor Society is required a minimum of 30 days prior to the entry day of an exhibit.

3.       Paintings

a)      Paintings must be original artwork executed in water-based media using watercolor technique.

b)      Other media (e.g. pastel, thick acrylic, textured grounds and non-watercolor accents) may be used as accents as long as they do not comprise more than 20% of the completed painting. 

c)       Watercolor collage is acceptable.

d)      Any painting support may be used as long as compliance with the other Standing Rules is assured.

e)      Work produced in a workshop, class or under similar instructional supervision is not eligible.

4.       Eligibility, Size and Number of Paintings Allowed

a)      Size is determined by the outside dimensions of the mat where it fits into the frame rabbet (frame ledge).

b)      The Exhibit Chair shall set the minimum and maximum size and number of paintings allowed per entrant.  The Exhibit Chair will also determine the maximum age of the art.

c)       Paintings shown in two prior SWS exhibits in the past 24 months are ineligible for hanging but they may be included in bin art if the exhibit guidelines allow bin art.

d)      Art may be displayed as bin art (if allowed) if it is unframed, matted, has a backing, and is enclosed in an appropriately sized archival clear envelope.  Matting must be clean and ready for framing.

5.       Matting and Framing

a)      All paintings must be matted or appropriately floated within the frame. Painting must not touch the glass.

b)      Plexiglas must be used where outside dimensions of the mat measures more than 22"x 28" (or more than 616 sq. in.).

c)       Non-glare glass and uni-frames are not allowed.

d)      Archival materials must be used.  No cardboard or masking tape is allowed.

e)      Frames must have wire for hanging.  No saw tooth hangers are allowed.

f)       Glass, frames and matting must be clean and without chips, cracks or scratches.

g)      Paintings must be securely mounted within the frame using professional framing clips or points.

h)      The back of the framing must appear clean and neat with no manufacturer’s labels or easel attachments. 

i)        Dust covers are optional but are encouraged on wood and synthetic frames.  Metal frames do not require dust covers.

6.       Sale and Pricing

a)      Entries must be for sale and priced with intent to sell. 

b)      SWS does not sell art; it is the artist’s responsibility to make arrangements for payment and transfer to the purchasing party.  The exception is when the venue operator has agreed to collect payment for purchases.  Entries must hang for the duration of the exhibit unless sold during the exhibit and the purchaser is unable to return for the painting at exhibit closing.

c)       Sales tax is the responsibility of the artist.

7.       Liability and Insurance

Although safety precautions will be taken, neither SWS nor the exhibit venue will accept any liability for damage or theft.  Insurance is the responsibility of the artist.

8.       Judged Exhibits

a)      Entries will not have been exhibited in any previous SWS judged exhibit.

b)      The chair and committee for a judged exhibit may elect to impose more limitations and requirements than for a non-judged exhibit.

c)       Only one SWS member is allowed in the exhibit space during the judging, either the Exhibit Chair or a SWS board member.

9.       Compliance

a)      SWS retains the right to refuse any artwork that does not meet the Standing Rules for Exhibits as stated herein, or has an offensive nature.

b)      Entry forms must include the artist’s signed certification that the rules have been complied with.


1.       No member shall use the membership to promote anything of a personal nature. Using the membership roster for personal gain or personal interest is not acceptable.

2.       Announcements of artistic affairs are acceptable. Announcements of achievements in the field of art are certainly proper and encouraged.


Upon becoming a member, that member shall indicate on which committee they wish to serve. Everyone should strive to become involved.

V.               INVENTORY:

1.       An inventory shall be kept of the assets of the organization and be attached to the treasurer’s Annual Report.

2.       This inventory shall indicate items and their location. Each chairman shall be responsible for making a report of the assets in his care.

VI.             WORKSHOPS:

1.       A deposit must be paid in order to reserve a seat in any workshop.

2.       Non members will pay an additional fee to attend a workshop. This fee will be an amount equal to the current year’s membership dues. The non-member may choose to apply this extra fee towards membership in the organization, if they wish. However, membership is not required to purchase a seat in a workshop.

3.       Workshops must be paid in full 30 days prior to the first session.

4.       Up until 30 days prior to a workshop, if a member or non-member must cancel their reservation, they will be refunded their paid deposit. After that time, monies paid will be refunded only if the organization has a waiting list for that particular workshop and is subsequently able to sell the seat. If no waiting list exists, the person wishing to cancel would have the option of providing their own replacement. If this occurs, a refund will be issued.


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