SWS DVD/Book Library

Allen, Greg

A World of Watercolor

Archer, Sue Commanding Color
Bake, Linda Layers of Design in Watercolor
Baker, Linda Fearless Watercolor: Layering and Color

Brommer, Gerald

Creating Abstract Art

Brommer, Gerald From Line and Shape to Complex Surfaces

Brommer, Gerald

Imaging in Watercolor

Brommer, Gerald Watercolor & Collage

Burridge, Robert

Abstract Floral from Loose Colorful Splatters

Carbonetti, Jeanne

The Zen of Creative Painting

Castagnet, Alvaro

The Passionate Painter in Antwerp

Castagnet, Alvaro

The Passionate Painter in Paris

Castagnet, Alvaro

Inspired Watercolor

Cohn, Julie

Dance of Watercolor - Beginners and Beyond

Curtis, David

A Personal View Landscapes in Watercolor

Curtis, David

Light Effects in Watercolor

Dalio, Carl

Color Power

Edwards, Sterling Abstract Watercolor: Expressions in Blue
Edwards, Sterling Colorful Birch Trees
Edwards, Sterling Easing into Abstracts: Taos Experience
Edwards, Sterling Luminous Watercolor/Forest Waterfall
Edwards, Sterling Painting Skies with Transparent Watercolor

Faulknor, Joyce

Crystal and Glass

Faulknor, Joyce Painting Watercolor Flowers: Orchids
Faulknor, Joyce Quick & Easy with Flowers

Francese, Frank

Exciting Color in Everyday Paintings

Francese, Frank

Fast and Loose with Frank Francese

Getz, Don

Goat Island Watercolor on Gesso

Getz, Don

Negatives & Positives

Gilbert Pollard, Julie Painting the Autumn Landscape
Gilbert Pollard, Julie Watercolor Unleashed - Painting White Flowers

Grastorf, Jean

Creating Texture in Transparent Watercolor

Haines, Jean Amazing Ways with Watercolour

Harrison-Tustain, Susan

Watercolor Portrait Workshop

James, George Designing for Content: Yupo Master Class
Kemp, Linda Negative Painting Techniques-Acrylic
Kemp, Linda Negative Painting Techniques-Simplifying Color
Kemp, Linda Negative Painting Techniques-Watercolor

Kemp, Linda

Painting Outside the Lines

Laird, Robbie

Flowering Floral – the Informed Intuitive Approach

Laitinen, Dale

Landscape Essentials in Watercolor

Laitinen, Dale Language of Landscapes
Leland, Nita Collage Art Techniques
Leland, Nita Paper Collage Techniques

Leveille, Paul

Watercolor Portrait

Lew, Doug Painting Motion in Watercolor

Lovett, John

Trees, Fences, Roads, Buildings

Lovett, John

Fishing Boats

Lovett, John


Lovett, John

Painting Easy with Only Two Colors

Lovett, John

Transparent Glazes

Lovett, John

Watercolor Landscape Step by Step

Mac Kenzie, Gordon


MeHaffey, Mark

Build Design & Color Using a Mouth Atomizer

MeHaffey, Mark

Painting a Dramatic Landscape

MeHaffey, Mark

Watercolor Painting on YUPO

Nechis, Barbara Tools for Transforming Troubled Watercolors

Nelson, Craig

Drawing with Pastel & Charcoal

O'Connor, Birgit

Atmospheric Landscapes part 1 & 2

O'Connor, Birgit

Waves, Water & Clouds

Pech, Arleta Pure Color Glazing in Watercolor
Pederson, Jean Wet Glazing Watercolor Portrait

Pidgeon, Eleanor Lowden

Courageous Watercolor

Purcell, Carl

Watercolors Start to Finish

Quiller, Stephen

Landscapes in Living Color

Quiller, Stephen

Mastering Color/ Plein Air Experience

Quiller, Stephen

Watercolor and Gouache

Reardon, Michael Watercolor Painting: Light and Color in Waterscapes

Reid, Charles

10 Lesson Course LESSONS 1-10

Reid, Charles

10 Lesson Course LESSONS 1-5

Reid, Charles

10 Lesson Course LESSONS 6-8

Reid, Charles

10 Lesson Course LESSONS 9-10

Reid, Charles Portraits in Watercolor
Reid, Charles Watercolour Landscape Masterclass

Reid, Charles

Watercolor Secrets

Reid, Charles

Watercolor Solutions

Reynolds, Colleen Flirting in the Light" - Pouring Watercolor Brusho
Rogers, Janet Expressive Watercolor Florals
Rogers, Janet Expressive Watercolor Portraits
Rogers, Janet Watercolor Rhythms with Figures

Salminen, John

A Designed Approach to Abstraction

Salminen, John

Urban Landscape in Watercolor

Shaller, Thomas Capturing Light in Landscape Painting

Scheewe, Susan

Getting Started in Watercolor Technique

Simmons, Nicholas

Innovative Watermedia

Soan, Hazel

The Essence of Watercolor

Spetz, Gary

Painting Wild Places –Winter Lights/Yellowstone NP

Spetz, Gary

Painting Wild Places Watercolor Basics

Toogood, James

Incredible Light & Texture

Tregay, Susan Webb

Master Disaster

Trevena, Shirley Breaking the Rules of Watercolor
Trevena, Shirley Taking Risks with Watercolor
Trevena, Shirley My World of Watercolor
Unwin, Chris Loosen Up and Let It Flow

Van Hasselt, Tony

Building Blocks of Painting

Warren, Soon Y. Top Vibrant Watercolor Techniques
Warren, Soon Y. Vibrant Watercolors: Painting Water
Warren, Soon Y. Vibrant Watercolors: Glass
Weaver, Pat Animal Portraits in Watercolor
Webb, Frank Frank Webb on Watercolor
Webb, Frank Using Your Head, Heart & Hand

Whyte, Mary

Mastering Watercolor Portraiture

Wiegardt, Eric

Painting Loosely

Wiegardt, Eric Secrets of Painting Loosely, vol., 1,2 & 3
Zagotta, Donna The You Factor: Powerful, Personal Design in Opaque Watercolor

Zhen, Lian Quan

Chinese Spontaneous Painting

In addition to the DVDs, we lend the following books.
Request books to be brought to upcoming general meetings - contact the Sierra Watercolor Society librarian
at presidentsierrawatercolor@gmail.com

Watercolor books:

Andrews, Don - Interpreting the Landscape, Andrews Publishing, 2007
Birch, Helen - Just Add Watercolor, Watson Guptill Publications, 2015
Blockley, John - Watercolor Interpretations, North Light Books, 1987
Engle, Nita - How to Make a Watercolor Paint Itself, Watson Guptill Publications, 1999
Gair, Angela - The Beginner's Guide to Watercolor, New Holland Publications, 1994
Grastorf, Jean - Pouring Light, Layering Transparent Watercolor, North Light Books, 2005
Halliday, Frank - Laying a Watercolor Wash, Search Press Studios, 1999
Hofstetter, Jane - 7 Keys to Great Paintings, North Light Books, 2005
Jozwiak, Bev - Painting Life with Life, Creative Arts Press, 2014
LaLumia, Frank - Plein Air Painting in Watercolor and Oil, North Light Books, 2000
Metzger, Phil - Perspective Secrets, North Light Books, 1999
Morris, Judy - Watercolor Basics - Light, North Light Books, 2000
Oliver, Alan - Watercolor Planning and Painting, Sterling Publishing Co., 1998
Petrie, Ferdinand - The Big Book of Painting Nature in Watercolor, Watson-Guptill Publications, 1990
Purcell, Carl - Painting with Your Artist's Brain, North Light Books, 2004
Ranson, Ron - Learn Watercolor the Edgar Whitney Way, North Light Books, 1994
Reed, Rosemary - Snow Painting, Publshers Design Group, 2005
Reid, Charles - Charles Reid's Watercolor Secrets, North Light Books, 2004
Reid, Charles - Painting What You Want to See, Watson-Guptill Publications, 1987
Reid, Charles - The Natural Way to Paint, Watson-Guptill Publications, 1994
Seslar, Patrick - The One-Hour Watercolorist, North Light Books, 2001
Speckmann, Gail - Wet-Into-Wet Watercolor
Taggart, Paul - Art Techniques from Pencil to Paint, Sterling Publishing Company, 2003
Taylor, Jo - Watercolor Wisdom, North Light Books, 2003
Wharton, Christian - Painting Water in Watercolor, David and Charles Publishing, 2003
Whyte, Mary - Watercolor for the Serious Beginner, Watson-Guptill Publications, 1997

Drawing books:

Ames, Lee J. - Draw 50 Flowers, Random House Inc., 1994
Fitzhenry, Jill - Jillybean's Flowers Made Easy, Sorensen & Fitzhenry Publications, 1991
Bridgman, George - Bridgman's Life Drawing, Sterling Publishing Company, 1961
Calle, Paul - The Pencil, North Light Books, 1974
Edwards, Betty - Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, G.P. Putnam's Sons Publications, 1989
Lewis, David - Pencil Drawing Techniques, Watson-Guptill Publications, 1984
Tokyo Musashino Academy of Art - Introduction to Pencil Drawing, Graphic-sha Publishing Co., 1991
Wang, Thomas - Pencil Sketching, International Thomson Publishing, 1977

Color theory:

Edwards, Betty - Color, Penguin Group Inc., 2004

Other media:

Sean Dye, Sean - Painting with Water Soluble Oils, North Light Books, 2001


Dunnewold, Jane - Creative Strength Training, North Light Books, 2016
Price, Maggie - Creative Freedom, North Light Books, 2013

Artist portfolios:

Steele, Sara - Blueprints for Paradise, Tide-mark Press, 2005


Mertz, Werner - Watercolor Paper Handbook, Watson-Guptill Publications, 1991
The Artist's Friendly Legal Guide, North Light Books, 1991

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