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Bev Jozwiak
October 10 - 13, 2017

demo Oct. 14
Registration open.

Michael Reardon
March 7-9, 2018

demo March 10

Michael Holter
May 9-11
, 2018
demo May 12

Julie Pollard
August 14-17
, 2018
demo August 18

David Lobenberg
October 9-12
, 2018
demo October 13

SWS sponsors water media and related workshops throughout the year. Recognized artists from around the nation are brought to Reno to teach classes, which are available to members and non-members. Fees are very reasonable. Registrations for each workshop opens three months prior to the workshop. At that time the cost of the workshop is established and announced in our monthly newsletter. Signups open on the day designated in the announcement.

For more information, please call Gina Lijoi at (775) 843-1209 or email her at artbygina@yahoo.com.  To register, please see Workshop Fees and Procedures on this page.

Bev Jozwiak Workshop
Painting Life with Life: Life as in people and animals, and life as in energy and excitement. 

This workshop is a no-nonsense approach to watercolor. Focuses on answering many to the questions artists constantly ask. Why is my work muddy? How can I loosen up? It is designed to help students at every skill level, to master techniques, and work on design and color.

Learn to paint boldly, think outside the box and paint outside the lines, with examples of basic color mixing including luscious greens, glowing white, great grays, and rich blacks. Develop good composition and strong values.

Focus on figures, animals (wild life, domestic animals, and birds, like crows, roosters, owl, and heron). Help with recipes for great skin tones, good ways to paint hair, how to choose good photographs to work from, and more.

Best to come with drawings done before class as Bev likes to dive right in. She paints the figure, but doesn't consider them portraits. They may be from the back, side, or full face. Feel free to paint the animals or people that call to you. Look for dramatic light on the photographs of your figures. Take your photos near windows, or outside in early evening light for the best results, not flash photography.

Demos daily, with time for students to paint and receive help.

Bev Jozwiak
A Wrinkle in Time

Bev Jozwiak
Lace and Grace

Bev Jozwiak
Martini Time



1. The deposit must be paid in order to reserve a seat. Because we need to make a commitment to our presenters 30 days prior to the workshop, if  you wait until after 30 days prior to the workshop, it could be filled or cancelled. Signups are taken first-come first-served and workshops are limited to 20 attendees. Make checks payable to SWS & send to Treasurer, Sierra Watercolor Society, PO Box 70564 Reno NV 89570 to reserve your space. Include your mailing address, email, and phone number. Gina Lijoi will send out the supply list about three weeks before the workshop.

2.  While non-members are charged a higher fee for our workshops, for $30 you may choose to become a member thirty days prior to the opening of registration. You would then be eligible for the member rates for this and all current year workshops.

3. Workshops must be paid in full 30 days prior to the first session. 

4. Up until 30 days prior to a workshop, if a member or non-member must cancel his reservation, he will be refunded his deposit. After that time, monies paid will be refunded only if the organization has a waiting list for that particular workshop and is subsequently able to sell the seat. If no waiting list exists, the person wishing to cancel would then have the option of providing his own replacement. If this occurs, a refund will be issued.

5.  All workshops are held at Temple Sinai, 3405 Gulling Rd., Reno NV 89503, from 9 to 4 each day.

Bev Jozwiak

No Place Like Home

Bev Jozwiak
Creature Comforts

Bev Jozwiak
Grumpy Heron


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